Better Photography Magazine - 2015 Awards

The Better Photography Magazine Photograph of the Year 2015 awards were announced in early October from Australia. Another first-time competition, I am thrilled to have all five submitted images earned silver and bronze awards.



This image taken at Kennedy Lake, BC was on a very cloudy, gray day, with no wind. The perfect reflection caught my eye right away. This is a panorama image, 6 separate images stitched together in Photoshop. Only when I saw the complete panorama did the shape of the guitars become apparent, hence the title "Kennedy Lake Strum".


"Joined" is a single leaf floating in a pond that I have explored in a creative manner. I love the way the two joined together when the single image was duplicated and flipped. Several textures and colour processes were applied in achieving the final version.


"Beauty" is the one image I entered into several competitions and it scored very differently in each one. Regardless of how it was scored I love the image.


"Rapture" is a close-up of a tulip blossom, using various artistic tools and processes in order to achieve the look I was going for.

Bronze Award_After the Storm.jpg

"After the Storm" was taken on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. A nasty storm had just passed overhead, clearing to the west bathed the landscape in bright, rich gold colour. The critiquing of this image was around the saturation and colour , it was too vibrant, unreal. The reality was the colours in this scene were much more vibrant and saturated, which I toned down in the processing.

Gail Foster